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Replacement Conservatory Roof Carlisle

Covering Carlisle and the surrounding area, Guardian Roof Nationwide are approved installers of the Guardian warm Roof – the market leading replacement conservatory roof option.

The Guardian Warm Roof is a lightweight, tiled replacement conservatory roof that has many key advantages, some of these unique to these roofs. 

We have installed many such roofs in and around Carlisle and have a five star reputation across independent, verified reviews.

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Advantages of Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Carlisle


The key advantage of the Guardian Replacement conservatory roof is that it transforms any conservatory into a room that is usable all year round.

In fact, it was the Guardian Warm Roof that led to regulatory change – until 2010 conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, it was Guardian’s work in proving their alternative was beneficial that made these replacement roofs permissible.

However, while that might be the main reason homeowners in Carlisle and beyond opt for a replacement conservatory roof, it is far from being the only one.

Benefits of a replacement conservatory roof:

  • Replacement conservatory roofs turn a flawed space into a superb room. A space that might currently be too hot in summer and almost impossible to keep warm in winter instead becomes a room that can be used all year round
  • The replacement roof allows the conservatory to be used for a huge range of purposes. Some have it as a home office, others as a games room, more still as a second lounge. No longer will it be expensive extra storage space
  • The roofs can be fitted to any existing conservatory frame, this because they are lightweight in nature
  • Typically, the work takes just three days – this to remove and recycle the old roof, install the new and apply all finishing touches such as spot lighting, sky lights and other touches
  • The roofs look great. They come in a range of styles such as Victorian, Edwardian,. Gable, Lean-to and more and also a wide variety of subtle colour shades. This means that the roof will help the conservatory blend in with the rest of the house; no longer will it look a bolt-on
  • The Guardian Warm Roof has an outstanding U-value of 0.18, this relating to the roof’s thermo efficiency. In real terms, this means that the room will stay pleasant in summer while far more warmth will be retained in winter. The conservatory becomes as pleasant a space as any other room in the house
  • The thermo efficiency has economic benefits. Independent research by AECOM found that energy bills would fall post work, on a typical home this likely to equate to around £200 saved per annum. Given the Carlisle climate, the figure is likely to be higher locally
  • The upgrade also has longer term financial benefits, this through increased property value. In the Carlisle housing market, upgrading to a replacement conservatory roof is work that often pays for itself, this because any would-be buyer is getting a superb extra room rather than a flawed space. This is an enhancement that ups the asking price.
  • Our roofs have full regulatory approval, this including Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. The homeowner is always left with all relevant paperwork

The Guardian Warm Roof is a conservatory roof that has benefits both immediately and then that are ongoing.

Your conservatory will become the room it always should have been, a superb space that can be sued all year round while the work will also have long-term economic advantages.

We have included links to key information below, including benefits of the roof, image gallery and FAQs.

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About Carlisle

The county town of Cumbria, Carlisle is located just 10 miles south of Scotland. The city has a population of 75,306 as of the 2011 census, this rising to above 100,000 when taking in the surrounding area.

As with so much of the north west, Carlisle was transformed by there industrial revolution and came into prominence during this time, benefiting from the overall wealth that came to the region.

Carlisle gained city status in 1133 and is known as The Great Border City for obvious reasons.

Carlisle has a historic centre with a castle, cathedral and partial city walls, as well as other medieval buildings including the Guildhall and Tithe Barn.

Carlisle railway station was designed by William Tite in the neo-Tudor style, it is considered by Historic England to be among the most important early railway stations in England.