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Replacement Conservatory Roof Chester Le Street

Most conservatories have a major flaw that makes them unfit for purpose – a replacement conservatory roof, available in Chester Le Street through Guardian Roofs Nationwide, can immediately rectify the problem.

The issue with conservatories is only too well known. They are too hot in the summer while in winter, especially in a northern town such as Chester Le Street, they are almost impossible to keep warm. 

In fact, they suck the heating out of the rest of the house, making the house far less efficient overall to heat that would otherwise be the case.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Chester Le Street

Not only are conservatories often unusable, but they also lead to inflated energy bills.

The key therefore is changing the roof though we appreciate this does pose a question.

If most conservatory roofs are so flawed, why were they made that way in the first place?

The Inherent Problem With Most Conservatories

Glass and polycarbonate are terrible materials to use for a roof, and yet almost all conservatories use precisely these materials for a roof.

Why does this madness exist?!

The answer lies in legislation that existed until 2010. Until then, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, these deemed two materials that the structure could withstand because of their relatively lightweight (when compared to a traditional tiled roof).

There also existed a sort of safety in numbers mentality – if everyone is getting a conservatory then they must be worth getting. And then homeowners saw the error of this logic.

It was Guardian who worked to change this legislation, developing a replacement, lightweight tiled roof that could fit on to any existing conservatory frame.

This roof has superb thermal efficiency with a typical U Value of 0.18. The conservatory is transformed into what it always should have been – a room you can enjoy all year round.

The effectiveness of the Guardian Warm Roof led to regulatory change and now lightweight tiled roofs are allowed on conservatories – indeed, our roofs have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Enjoy your conservatory all year round

This is the key benefit and why so many homeowners contact us in Chester Le Street and Durham.

The replacement conservatory roof transforms the room into one you can use and enjoy all year round. No longer will it be too hot in summer and too cold in the winter.

A Wide Variety of Uses

Your enhanced conservatory can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Some use it as a home office, others as a games room or gym. It can also be a movie room or just an extra lounge space.

Effectively, what was once a flawed conservatory now has all the use and practicality of a wonderful extension – just without the hefty price tag.

Superb Looking

Externally, the upgrade is a clear and obvious improvement. Whereas a glass or polycarbonate conservatory can look, dare we say, like a bolt on to the rest of the house, the new roof will blend in.

We make conservatories in a wide range of styles and subtle colours and so the roof will match the rest of the house.

Inside, superb finishing touches are available to ensure it is still a light and airy room – this can include sky lights and luxurious downlighting.

Making Financial Sense

We appreciate that paying for a replacement conservatory roof can be highly annoying given it is work to rectify a problem.

The better news is that the outlay often pays for itself and more besides.

Each and every year, there will be energy bill savings to be enjoyed. These can run to around £200 per annum – this figure based on independent research by AECOM.

Perhaps better still, there can be a major boost to property value. Potentially the house will have increased in value by more than the cost of the work by the time the paint is dry.

This is because any would-be buyer would be getting a superb room with the use of an extension rather than a flawed space they see little point to.

Minimal Upheaval

It takes us just three days on average to remove the old roof, recycle and install the new.

We are highly professional and courteous and ensure your home is left as clean and tidy as is humanly possible at all times. We cannot promise you won’t know we are there, but we will cause as little disruption as is possible.

Complete Peace of Mind

Our roofs have full Local Area Building Control approval and we ensure all paperwork is correct and accurately filed.

When you come to sell, you will have all the documentation to show the quality of work and that it had full approval.

Further Information

We have a full brochure that is available for download, this packed full of key information. 

You can also see roof styles and roof finishes on this site.

If you would like further information, or an obligation-free quote, please call us on 0800 433 7079 or use our Contact Form.

Online and video call quotes are available and we respect all social distancing regulations when attending for a quote or work.

About Chester Le Street

A market town in Durham, Chester le Street is a wonderful town located close to both Newcastle and Sunderland – almost equal distance between the two.

The history of the town dates back to it being formed as a Roman settlement by the name of Concangis – the street part of the name referring to a Roman road that is now called Front Street.

Notable landmarks include the wonderful Chester Burn viaduct and also Lumley Castle. The viaduct is some 230m long and incorporates 11 arches.

Chester-le-Street is home to Durham county cricket and the ground has hosted many internationals, including 1999 World Cup fixtures.

Former England football captain Bryan Robson is among the famous residents past and present.