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Replacement Conservatory Roof Cleadon

The fact you are reading this page suggests you have an all-too common problem – a conservatory that is hardly useable – we can provide the remedy through a replacement conservatory roof for your Cleadon home.

A replacement, lightweight tiled roof can be said to right a wrong, it can also be said to create a room that has all the benefits of a stunning extension but without the sizeable price tag.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Cleadon

However, it is worth noting that not all replacement tiled roofs available in Cleadon are equal. 

It is not our place to comment on others, but we can say that the Guardian Warm Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval and meets all regulations. This is important if you ever come to sell – all paperwork will be in order and the replacement roof will be fully signed off.

In fact, it was the Guardian Roof that led to regulatory change. Prior to 2010, conservatory roofs had to be made of either glass or polycarbonate – essentially a useless choice with neither fit for purpose.

It was Guardian who developed a lightweight roof that could fit on to any existing conservatory structure, also proving that this roof was worth installing – solving the heating issue inherent with most conservatories.

Legislation was then changed to make these lightweight roofs permissible – and conservatories were suddenly worth having.

Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Enjoy the conservatory all year round

Undoubtedly the key benefit, were have transformed many conservatories in Cleadon, turning them into a room that is genuinely a great space all year round.

No longer will it be too hot in the summer or too cold in winter, it will be a pleasant temperature all year round.

The room becomes what it always should have been

Looking Good…

Conservatories with a glass or polycarbonate roof do not look great – the roof doesn’t exactly blend in with the rest of the house.

Upgrading to a lightweight, solid tiled roof changes this.

We make roofs in a range of styles and subtle colours and so whether it is a Victorian style, Edwardian, lean-to or other, you can be sure that the replacement roof will blend nicely with the rest of the property.

Internally too, it looks that bit classier – and this is not at the expense of the conservatory staying light and airy. Additions such as sky lights and luxurious down lighters ensure it remains light and airy inside.

A wide range of uses

While many conservatories have no use, once you’ve changed the roof you will almost have the opposite problem. You will have too many potential uses!

The conservatory can be a home office, or a games room, or a cinema room, or an extra lounge space.

The room will have all the benefits of a superb extension, but it won’t have come with the hefty price tag.

Minimal Upheaval

We fully appreciate that nobody wants builders in their house for longer than is necessary – even polite, courteous builders.

It typically takes us just three days to remove and recycle the old roof and install the new, plus providing all finishing touches.

We also leave strive to cause as little disruption as is humanly possible, we of course treat your property with the greatest of respect.

Can we say you won’t notice we’re there? Maybe not, but we will cause as little disruption as possible.

Financial Sense

Upgrading the conservatory roof is a change that often makes excellent financial sense.

Each and every year there are energy bill savings to be enjoyed – these averaging around £200 per annum according to independent research by AECOM.

Perhaps better still, if you ever look to sell, the work is likely to have more than paid for itself. This is because buyers in Cleadon value the useful extra space, space that is in stark contrast to a flawed conservatory.

Buy with Confidence

Our roofs have full LABC approval, they meet all regulatory requirements and we manage all paperwork for you.

You will be left with an improvement that is fully signed off and you have all documentation to prove this.

Further Information

We have a full brochure that is available for download, this packed full of key information. 

You can also see roof styles and roof finishes on this site.

If you would like further information, or an obligation-free quote, please call us on 0800 433 7079 or use our Contact Form.

Online and video call quotes are available and we respect all social distancing regulations when attending for a quote or work.

About Cleadon

Cleadon is a village in South Tyneside in the north east of England, as of 2011 the population was around 8,500.

The village is situated close to both Sunderland and Newcastle, around five miles from the former and 10 miles from Newcastle – however it offers a degree of calm and tranquility quite different from the nearby urban centres.

There has been a village at the location for more than 1,000 years and elements date back to Roman times.

One notable piece of history is that Charles Dickens is believed to have spent some time in Cleadon and it is possible that the based the character Miss Haverhsam from Great Expectations on a story he was told whilst staying in Cleadon.

Notable former residents include former England manager Don Revie, Carlo Little (the original drummer from the Rolling Stones) and the actor Bill Travers.

Cleadon lies within the SR6 postcode and has the 0191 dialling prefix.