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Replacement Conservatory Roof Darlington

Most conservatories suffer from a fundamental flaw; a replacement conservatory roof can address this and transform the space into a room that is a superb space all year round.

Available in Darlington through Guardian Roofs Nationwide, approved installers based here in the north east, replacement conservatory roofs have a range of benefits.replacement conservatory roof Darlington

Specifically, the Guardian Warm Roof, the market leading replacement conservatory roof, has the following advantages.


Replacement Conservatory Roof Benefits


  • The roofs address the key flaw, they make the conservatory useable all year round rather than it being too hot in summer and often too cold in winter.
  • The replacement roof looks in keeping with the rest of the house. Instead of a glass or polycarbonate roof, there will now be a lightweight, tiled roof in, a style and colour to match the rest of the property
  • The change creates a room that can be used for a whole range of purposes. Previous customers in and around Darlington have used their newly improved conservatory as a games room, a study, an office, an extra lounge, a play room and much more besides.
  • Effectively, the room becomes a superb extension rather than a flawed conservatory
  • The work is quick to implement, it typically take just three days to remove and recycle the old roof and install the new, including all internal finishing touches
  • This is also a change that can make financial sense. Every year, there are likely to be energy bill savings, independent research by AECOM putting these at around £200 per annum on the typical property – this because there is reduced need for heating in winter. In an area such as Darlington, where the winters can be extremely cold, these savings are likely to be greater still.
  • Longer term, or if you ever look to leave, the work is likely to have led to a significantly increased asking price. This increase often more than covering the cost of the work.
  • The roofs have full regulatory approval including Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval


Perhaps in truth all a replacement conservatory roof does is turn the room into what it always should have been. Nobody pays for a conservatory expecting it to then be a flawed space, a room that is off limits for much of the year. That, though, is the reality.

The issue is the roof, until 2010 conservatories could only have either glass or polycarbonate roofs and neither was fit for purpose, neither can regulate temperature. After all, you don’t see any houses or buildings where the main roof is made from either.

It was the Guardian Roof that led to regulatory change, work done to show that it could be fitted on to any existing conservatory frame and also that it was worth installing, i.e. that it was beneficial to the homeowner. 

Clearly there would be no point approving a product if it did nothing to address the issues of the roof it was replacing.

Proven replacement Conservatory Roof in Darlington


As shown by reviews on RatedPeople, we carry out work to the highest of standards. All replacement roofs come with lengthy guarantees and are made to last for many decades.

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Key Information:

About Darlington

Darlington is a market town in Durham with a population of 105,564 as of the 2011 census; the town lies on the River Skerne.

The town started as an Anglo-Saxon settlement and the name derives from the Anglo-Saxon Dearthington. By Norman times, the name had changed to Derlinton and then, through the 17th and 18th centuries, changed again to Darnton.

The town is known for an association with railways and the birth of the railway. On 27 September 1825 George Stephenson‘s engine Locomotion No. 1 ushered in the modern railway age when it travelled between Shildon and Stockton-on-Tees via Darlington, on the Stockton and Darlington Railway, which from its outset was designed for passengers and goods.

Darlington is also known as a centre  of engineering, in particular bridge building. 

Famous residents or those born in Darlington include Duncan Bannatyne, Vic Reeves and Al Pease – notable as the only formula 1 driver to have ever been disqualified for going too slowly!