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    Replacement Conservatory Roof Hexham

    Do you despair of your conservatory – a room that should be great, but instead is unusable for much of the year? A replacement conservatory roof available in Hexham from leading, approved, regional provider, Guardian Roofs Nationwide, can fix this.

    The problem with most conservatories is all-too-obvious. They are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter, many are used simply as expensive, extra storage.

    At the root of this problem is the roof, the vast majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials wholly unfit for purpose. 

    The only reason they are used is that they are able to be fitted to a lightweight conservatory frame. However, this is the only way in which they are suitable. They have none of the thermal qualities required of roofing material.

    Switching to a solid, tiled replacement conservatory roof at your Hexham home can instantly fix this issue – and it really is almost instantaneous with a typical conservatory roof installation taking just three days on average.

    A replacement roof rights a wrong. It is a sad fact that most conservatories are flawed, we can help rectify this problem.

    Why Consider Conservatory Roof Replacement?

    One concern from homeowners is that in replacing the conservatory roof they are spending more money on a room that should have been left in a better state initially.

    We fully understand this concern, it is always frustrating to spend money to put something right.

    However, there are huge benefits to fixing a flawed conservatory.

    A conservatory that is useable all year round

    The key benefit and why we take so many calls from homeowners in Hexham and beyond desperate to do something about their conservatory.

    Replacement Conservatory Roof Hexham

    A replacement conservatory roof transforms a flawed space into what it always should have been – a room that is a great space all year round.

    The conservatory will now have a wide range of potential uses. It could be a home office, or a gym, or a games room, a second lounge or be used for any other purpose.

    Effectively, it is transformed into a sympathetic extension, just without the hefty bill this would usually be accompanied by.

    Most conservatories cost several thousand pounds to create a space that has little purpose. The question for the homeowner to weighty up is whether spending a few thousand more to turn this into a great room is money well spent when judged against other priorities.

    Conservatories that Blend In

    Your average conservatory does not blend in with the rest of the house. The roof is either lass or polycarbonate and so the conservatory runs the risk of looking like a bolt on to the rest of the property.

    Switching to a lightweight, tiled replacement roof fixes this as our roofs come in a wide range of styles and subtle coulis – further details via the links below.

    The stylish finish again makes the conservatory feel much more like an extension rather than the flawed conservatory you have become so used to.

    However, this solid roof is not at the expense of the conservatory being light and airy. We can incorporate Fakro skylights and premium efficient LED spotlighting to ensure your room is bright all year round.

    This ensures the best of nth worlds –  a room that looks superb from the outside, has a great finish internally but retains the benefits of a conservatory in that it is a light, spacious room and a great place from which to enjoy the summer. 

    The Financial Benefits

    We have mentioned that it can be an annoyance having to spend more money just to turn a room into a useable space.

    The better news is that a conservatory upgrade often pays for itself and more besides. Each and every year there will be energy bill savings to enjoy – this because the new roof is thermally efficient with a U-value of 0.18. Independent research by AECOM has shown that energy bill savings are likely to average around £200 per annum on a typical property.

    Potentially better still is the fact that the work typically leads to an increased property value – this because any would-be buyer is getting a superb extra space rather than a flawed conservatory.

    Often, the value of the property will have increased by more than the cost of the work by the time the paint has dried.

    Complete Peace of Mind

    When we mention the benefits of a replacement conservatory roof, we are referring to the Guardian Warm Roof. The Guardian Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. 

    In fact, it was the Guardian Roof that left to regulatory change. Prior to 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, this was only changed when guardian demonstrated the benefits of their lightweight, tiled roofs.

    Entrust us to replace your conservatory roof and all documentation will be taken care of, when you come to sell you will have all relevant documentation to hand.

    Our roofs also always have lengthy guarantees.

    Further Information

    We have a full brochure that is available for download, this packed full of key information. 

    You can also see roof styles and roof finishes on this site.

    If you would like further information or an obligation-free quote, please call us on 0800 433 7079 or use our Contact Form. 

    Online and video call quotes are available and we respect all social distancing regulations when attending for a quote or work. 

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    Hexham is a market town in Northumberland with a population of close to 12,000 as of their 2011 census.

    Hexham is located on the River Tyne, close to a meeting point of the two rivers The North Tune and South Tyne at a point called ‘the meeting of the waters’.

    The town of Hexham is also famous for its proximity to Hadrian’s Wall.

    Hexham has a lengthy history that stretches back to its formation as an Abbey in 674. If we fast forward many hundreds of years, a notable battle – the battle of Hexham – was fought in the War of the Roses.

    Notable buildings in Hexham include Hexham Abbey and also the wonderful Moot Hall, dating from around the 15th century. The Moot Hall was still fun use as a courthouse hundreds of years after its creation.

    Notable residents of Hexham past and present include Peter Beardsley, Pete Doherty, Robson Green, and Kevin Whately.