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Replacement Conservatory Roof North East

In looking for a replacement conservatory roof for your north east home, please consider the benefits of the Guardian Roof – a roof that has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval and is proven to make the room usable all year round.

The problems inherent with many conservatories are well known, the roofs – be they glass or polycarbonate – are unfit for purpose. Both materials are unable to regulate temperature and create a room that is too hot in the summer and too cold in winter.replacement conservatory roof north east

As the owner of a conservatory in the north east, you will be only too aware of these problems, problems that are only becoming worse as weather patterns become more extreme.

The Guardian Roof rights those wrongs; a solid, lightweight tiled roof it transforms the conservatory into a space that can be used for a multitude of purposes at any time of year.

The roofs have a U-value of 0.18, this market leading among roofs of this type. This value means that the roof stops the conservatory becoming too hot in summer wile in winter, heat is retained, the heating doesn’t need to be on 24/7 to keep the conservatory usable.

At Guardian Roofs Nationwide, we are fully approved suppliers and installers of the Guardian Roof, covering the entirety of the north east from our Newcastle base.

With the Guardian Roof you also get complete peace of mind. Unlike many products, it has full LABC approval and so compliance with building regulations and approval are assured. This status is in part because Guardian were key in having regulations changed – until 2010 conservatories could only have glass or polycarb roofs; it was Guardian’s work in developing a lightweight alternative with clear benefits that saw his changed.

Making your north east conservatory a superb space all year round is the key benefit of our roofs. Essentially, the work turns the room into what it always should have been, but it also becomes a room that can have a range of purposes home gym, office, play room, home cinema… the list goes on. Combine it with stylish internal fittings including lighting and sky lights and you have a room that has all the benefits of an extension but without the eye watering price tag.

These are also conservatories that look great both on the inside and externally. A full range of styles are available, this ensuring that there is a conservatory roof to match the style of your north east home, whether that is Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable or other.

Replacement Conservatory Roof – Financial Benefits

The work in having a replacement roof fitted can also be beneficial financially.

Every year there will be energy bill savings, these coming to an average of £200 per year according to independent research by AECOM (and this was a national figure, perhaps underestimating the savings possible when you factor in the north east’s winters…)

The work can often pay for itself and more besides through increased property value. Any would-be buyer in future is getting that wonderful space rather than a flawed conservatory; this is an enhancement they are willing to pay for. After all, a home office or children’s play room is more of a selling point than stuffy extra storage space.

Should you choose us as your suppliers and installers you would also be assured of a highly professional service as demonstrated through our many testimonials.

Typically, the work to remove the old roof, install the new along with any finishing touches and also leave the site spotless takes around three days. There are few home improvements that can have such a transformational impact in so short a period of time.

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