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Replacement Conservatory Roof Shrewsbury

A replacement conservatory roof for your Shrewsbury home can turn a flawed space into a wonderful room that can be put to a variety of purposes all year round.

You won’t need us to outline the problem with the vast majority of conservatories. The roof leaves them unfit for purpose, whether it is glass or polycarbonate, it is unable to regulate temperature.

Most conservatories are too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter.

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Anyone paying for a conservatory naturally hoped it would be a wonderful space, instead it became a reminder of wasted money, perhaps useful only as extra storage.

A replacement conservatory roof will right that wrong, turning the conservatory into the great space it always should have been.

In fact, the change will do more than just that. It can also add value to the property, while it will also be a visual improvement. Essentially, it becomes a superb extension, just without the hefty price tag.

However, not all replacement conservatory roofs are equal, the Guardian Warm Roof is established as the market leader. It is a roof that has full Local Area Building Control approval – indeed it is the roof that led to a regulatory change to make lightweight, tiled conservatory roofs permissible.

Shrewsbury Replacement Conservatory Roof

For around a decade, it has been possible to change from a glass or polycarb conservatory roof to a lightweight, tiled one.

Given the huge number of UK conservatories, naturally a number of products have emerged. However, the Guardian Roof stands apart as the established, proven option.

It is worth noting that it is the Guardian Roof that led to regulatory change, work done to prove both that the roof could be fitted to existing conservatory frames without problem, but also that the change was worth making. Clearly, there is no point in replacing one flawed roof with another that does not rectify the problems.

The Guardian Roof has Local Area Building Control Approval. At Guardian Roofs Nationwide, we are approved manufacturers and installers of the Guardian Roof, and have worked with many homeowners in and around Shrewsbury.

We have universally five star reviews on Google and you can read recent testimonials on our site.

We are proud to install these roofs – they are a simple change in some ways, and yet one that makes a profound difference. They not only make the house better, they also end that awful feeling of having wasted money on a room that is a disappointment.

Benefits of Replacement Conservatory Roof

A conservatory you can use

This has to be the main benefit, turning a room that you can’t use – or at least enjoy – for much of the year, into one that is a pleasant space all year round.

Any day of the year, at any time, you can use the conservatory and enjoy the space. No longer is it wasted space, or off-limits for much of the year. We have even found many homeowners for whom the conservatory is only used as expensive extra storage.

At last, that can change.

A Room with a purpose

Post replacement roof, your conservatory can be used for a wide range of purposes – it becomes another room to use however you see fit.

Some use it as a second lounge, others as a home office or study.

It can be a games room, or hobby room, or somewhere for the kids to play. The list of potential uses is far too long to list here and, ultimately, it doesn’t perhaps matter what you settle on as people often change uses through the year.

It might be that playroom at first, and then become the home office. The kids have enjoyed it long enough!

Financial Sense

An upgrade to your conservatory roof can make financial sense in two ways.

Firstly, there are the energy bill sayings, these to be enjoyed each and every year. Independent research by AECOM found that these average around £200 per annum based o a typical property. This thermo efficiency is caused by the roof’s U-value, 0.18 a figure not bettered by any rival product.

Perhaps better still, the work will typically pay for itself and more besides in terms of increased property value. Any potential buyer is getting superb extra space and not a flawed room of little use, and this is an upgrade they are willing to pay for. Who doesn’t like more space?

It is of course sensible to check with a local Shrewsbury estate agent to get specific housing market information for your postcode, but in general terms, the work will usually prove to be a sound economic decision.

Roofs that Look Great

A glass or polycarbonate roof might have a certain charm – some like them, others are less keen – but they certainly do not blend in with the rest of the property.

However, a replacement, lightweight roof will enable the conservatory to take on the appearance of a subtle extension, because the roof will now blend in so much better with the rest of the property.

The Guardian Warm Roof comes in a range of styles, these ranging from Edwardian to lean-to to Victorian to P-shaped and more besides.

These roofs are also all available in a huge range of subtle colour shades, so the combinations are almost endless.

Internal finishes add a superb finishing touch, these can include a sky light and stunning downlighters.

The room remains light and airy, but now classy and modern.

Regulatory Approval

The Guardian Warm Roof has full Local Area Building Control approval. The roof has a lengthy guarantee, and we leave you with all relevant paperwork and certification.

Should you ever look to sell, you will have everything at hand to pass on to the next owner.

Minimal Upheaval

It typically takes our team of skilled installers just three days to remove the old roof, recycle and install the new.

We are polite, courteous and professional and cause as little upheaval as is possible.

Further Information

We have a full brochure that is available for download, this packed full of key information.

You can also see roof styles and roof finishes on this site.

If you would like further information, or an obligation-free quote, please call us on 0800 433 7079 or use our Contact Form.

Online and video call quotes are available and we respect all social distancing regulations when attending for a quote or work.

About Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a large market town in Shropshire with a population of 72,000 as of the 2011 census.

The town is known for its largely unspoilt medieval street plan, and close to 700 listed buildings.

The town’s name derives from the Old English Scrobbesburh.

Shrewsbury and the surrounding area has seen a number of notable battles over the past centuries.

The list of Shrewsbury’s notable residents past and present include one very famous name – Charles darwin.

Others are Wilfred Owen and George Farquhar while Leo Blair, father of former Prime Minsiter Tony, was a resident of the town.