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Replacement Conservatory Roof Stafford

When searching for a replacement conservatory roof in Stafford, there are compelling reasons to consider the Guardian Warm Roof – it is a roof with full Local Area Building Control Approval, it has the best thermal efficiency of any replacement tiled roof and it is the market leading product.

The Guardian Roof is not the only replacement roof option, however it is the product that persuaded regulators that replacement conservatory roofs should be permissible.

Most importantly, as our many hundreds of testimonials go to show, it is the roof that delivers on its key promise – it turns the conservatory into a room that will be a superb space all year round. 

Thank goodness!

Why Go Guardian For Your Replacement Roof?

The Guardian Warm Roof is largely synonymous with replacement conservatory roofs, being by far the market leader – when you hear anyone say what a difference their replacement roof has made, chances are it is a Guardian Roof. If it is in Stafford, it is almost certain that we manufactured and installed the roof as approved Guardian representatives.

However, it is easy to say a product has a range of benefits, what do the facts state?

Benefits of Replacement Conservatory Roof

A great room all year round

This is the key benefit and why people get in touch desperate for a remedy to their conservatory.

Guardian Roofs Stafford

The flaw inherent with conservatories is the roof – glass and polycarbonate, the two materials commonly used, are unfit for purpose. The room will always be left too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

Our roofs will change that, this demonstrated by the U-Value of 0.18, this figure unmatched by any rival. In real terms, this mean the room stays within a pleasant temperature range and so can be used all year round.

It is this benefit that led to regulatory change to allow replacement, tiled roofs on conservatories. Prior to 2010, glass and polycarb were the only permissible materials, it was Guardian’s work in proving that a lightweight tiled roof could remedy the temperature issues that led to change.

The Guardian Roof had to prove two things – that it could be fitted on to an existing conservatory frame in place of the old roof, and that it was worth fitting, i.e. it fixed the problems. Clearly, there is no point replacing one flawed roof with another.

The fact regulations changed is proof the criteria were met.

Buy With Confidence

The Guardian Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval, it is also a roof that requires no planning permission.

There are some forms to file, but we work with Local Authorities to ensure these are correctly entered. On completion of the work, you will have all paperwork and also written guarantees to cover the installation.

As a local company, we rely on word of mouth recommendation, as such it is essential we get every job right and ensure every customer is a happy customer.

How Many Uses – How Big Is Your Imagination?

A question we are regularly asked is ‘what can we use the conservatory for once it’s been improved’.

The quick answer would be ‘pretty much anything you would use any other room for’, but this is perhaps a tad unsatisfactory.

So, instead, here are a few uses homeowners have found for their enhanced conservatory.

  • Home office
  • Games room
  • Play room
  • Study
  • Library
  • An extra lounge
  • Home cinema
  • Home gym
  • Home bar! 
  • Hobby room / arts and crafts room
  • ‘Simply a room to relax in’
  • A room to get away from everyone else in
  • Extra space when we have guests (we’re not sure if that’s linked to the one above!)
  • DIY room
  • Pantry

And so many more!

It’s a room, it will be a great space, you can use it however you see fit!

Looking Good…

The Guardian Roof comes in a range of styles and colours, this ensures the roof, and so the whole conservatory, will now blend in with the rest of the house.

No longer will it look like a bolt on to the rest of the property, instead it effectively looks more like a sympathetic extension, just without the price tag you would associate with a full extension.

Whatever the style of roof required – be it Victorian, Gable, Edwardian, Lean-to, P-shaped or another (including fully bespoke) we will design a roof that is a perfect match.

Internally, too, the finish is refined – features such as beautiful downlighting ensuring the room remains light and airy – features you wanted in the initial conservatory.

Financial Benefits

The replacement roof is a change that makes financial sense.

Each and every year there’ll be energy bill savings to be enjoyed, these typically running to around £200 per annum according to independent research by AECOM.

If you ever look to sell, you will also find that in many cases the work more than pays for itself, this because any would-be buyer is getting a superb extra room, rather than a flawed space they have no use for.

Minimal Upheaval

It takes our Guardian approved installers just three days on average to remove the old roof, recycle, and install the new – this including internal fittings.

We can’t promise you won’t know we’re there but we will cause as little disruption as possible.

Further Information

We have a full brochure that is available for download, this packed full of key information. 

You can also see roof styles and roof finishes on this site.

If you would like further information, or an obligation-free quote, please call us on 0800 433 7079 or use our Contact Form.

Online and video call quotes are available and we respect all social distancing regulations when attending for a quote or work.

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The county town of Staffordshire, Stafford is a market town with a population of 68,000 as of the 2011 census.

Stafford is believed to have been founded around 700 AD by Prince Bertelin. One early noteworthy event in the town’s history was the Battle of Stafford, this part of the Norman Conquest in 1069.

Not long later, the wonderful Stafford Castle was built in 1090.

The town was granted its Royal Charter in 1206 by King John.

Jumping forward to more modern times, famous residents have included Neil Morrissey, Dave Gorman, Mark Curry and Peter Thorneycroft.